Raised Flower Beds & Borders

Creating Fabulous Flower Beds in Greater Vancouver

Many people overlook the impact that poorly maintained or a lack of flower beds can have on the overall aesthetic of a property. Here at WestView we offer a variety of services to combat this issue from the initial installation or expansion of your beds, as well as restocking of your beds with fresh mulch, soil or rock as well as any other product of your choice.

WestView Landscape Services. is a full service landscape maintenance contractor located in Langley, BC. We specialize in the installation of raised flower beds and gardens.

Here at WestView we offer a variety of different of materials to be used in the construction of your raised flower beds.

Interlocking blocks – these are made from concrete and work well for most applications, the wide selection of colours allows you to be creative while designing your raised beds.

Timber – this is a less expensive option, but it will not stand up to moisture as well, and may not last as long as other types of materials. But for those operating on a tight budget timber might be the best option.

Natural stone – this option tends to be a little more expensive, but if aesthetics are important to you, it may be the best way to go.

We also offer a variety of different options for lawn edging around your garden beds

  • Lawn Edging By Hand
  • Installation Of Lawn Edging Products
  • Brick Lawn Edging
  • Aluminum Lawn Edging
  • Eco Friendly Lawn Edging
  • Rubber Lawn Edging

Why use WestView Landscape Services for your flower & garden bed installation and maintenance?

We understand that you have many landscape and maintenance contractors to choose from throughout Langley and the lower mainland.  We just want you to know that when you choose WestView Landscape Services you are partnering with a small, locally owned business that has more than 10 years’ experience keeping Langley properties looking their best.

You can expect to hold us to the highest standard, as we strive to be the most knowledgeable, reliable landscaping services company caring about your properties appearance and our local reputation.

Our flower bed and edging installation process

  1. We start with our initial consultation
  2. We determine the design and layout of your beds and edging
  3. We take an accurate measurement
  4. We present you with options and samples of various materials of your choosing
  5. We provide you with a written estimate for the work
  6. We’ll start the project on the specified start date, and complete your project with the materials of your choosing
  7. The final result will be a stunning new flower bed or edging that you and your family can enjoy for years to come

The pricing of your project varies heavily depending on your properties characteristics, the removal of existing surfaces, the accessibility of your property and the size and extent of your project all contributes to the final cost.

If you’d like to get the process started then please give us a call (604) 308-1803 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

We can then organize a time for one of our landscaping specialists to visit your property and answer any questions you might have about your new garden bed installation process from there we can gather information to help us provide you with an estimate for your project.

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