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Protect Your Concrete With Quality Concrete Sealing Services!

WestView Landscape Services is a full service landscape maintenance contractor located in Langley, BC. We specialize in sealing and maintaining, concrete Drive ways and patios throughout Langley and the lower mainland.

Concrete sealant is one of the most important steps to achieving a beautiful and long lasting concrete.  Whether it be a smooth finish garage floor, or an exposed aggregate walkway a sealer will not only protect your concrete from the elements but also look great while doing it. At Westview we seal concrete using only the best products on the market.

Why use WestView Landscape Services for your concrete sealing and maintenance?

We understand that you have many landscape and maintenance contractors to choose from throughout Langley and the lower mainland.  We just want you to know that when you choose WestView Landscape Services you are partnering with a small, locally owned business that has more than 10 years’ experience keeping Langley properties looking their best.

You can expect to hold us to the highest standard, as we strive to be the most knowledgeable, reliable landscaping services company caring about your properties appearance and our local reputation.

Sealing concrete is not a permanent fix but rather part of routine maintenance.  Depending on the concrete, we recommend sealing your concrete once a year, upto five years.  This will help prevent those unsightly cracks, divots, and stains from getting the best of your concrete.

If you start to notice cracks forming, concrete staining, or any other issue you feel is a worry contact Westview for a consultation so we can answer your questions and provide a recommendation on the next step to protect your concrete.

Westview is also able to seal older and stained concrete.  If you are regretting not getting yours sealed, give us a call so we can give you a quote.  We will come in and polish out imperfections and stains in your driveway along with a full clean before we seal the Concrete. Its never too late!

Our concrete sealing process

  1. We start with our initial consultation
  2. We determine the condition of your patio driveway or walkway
  3. We determine the square footage of concrete and product you will need
  4. We provide you with a written estimate for the work
  5. We’ll start the project on the specified start date, and complete your project with the materials of your choosing
  6. The final result will be a stunning newly sealed surface that you and your family can enjoy for years to come

The pricing of a concrete sealing varies heavily depending on the condition of your existing concrete, the square footage of the area that you would like sealed and the product used.

If you’d like to get the process started then please give us a call (604) 308-1803 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

We can then organize a time for one of our landscaping specialists to visit your property and answer any questions you might have about your concrete sealing needs and process, from there we can gather information to help us provide you with an estimate for your project.

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