Realize the Full potential of your Yard

At Westview Landscape Services, our staff are here to help you design your yard from start to finish.  With award winning designers on staff, with specialties ranging from planting to hardscaping, you can be assured we have the experience and capablitlies to help you with all your design needs.

Imagine yourself on a new patio or deck, relaxing by a water fall, enjoying the fragrance and color of nearby plants, cooking at an outdoor kitchen, soaking in a hot tub. Take your time dreaming and imagining, as we help guide you through the process.

Our Design Process:

  • Initial Design Consultation

During the initial consultation, our landscape designer will have their first conversations with you about the project scope including the location, the overall size, initial design ideas, The Desired uses of the space , Preferred materials, budget, and timeline.

  • Site Analysis

Following the initial design discussion our designer will arrange a site visit and bring along either one of our project managers or an installation foreman the two of them will then record elevations and surrounding issues IE Drainage, site access, grades, sun orientation etc.. and then together discuss the potential designs and feasibility of the project from both the design and the installation perspective. 

  • Concept plan 

The initial concept design stage is when our landscape designer puts their pen to paper or cursor to page in this case and creates a base plan incorporating key design ideas into our Landscape Design Software to develop the initial design for the project.

 During the concept stage we will prepare a few landscape design ideas and then move onto the final version once the client has had a chance to view the designs and discuss any potential alterations.

  • Final Plan

Once the final rendering is complete the final design will be presented to the client, once approval has been given subsequent plans will then be created such as the planting plan, lighting plan, Irrigation plan & any applicable construction plans or details. The homeowner will be provided with files containing all 2D & 3D design models 

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